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Smart TV Box

smart hotel system is a set of smart hotel system solutions that has been developed for many years.It is an industry branch Of the company OTT media distribution system and its typical application. Using the latest OTT media distribution and cloud media technology, the room TV will be upgraded to a convenient intelligent information and entertainment terminals. It Improves the hotel's information technology, intelligence and service levels, has brought VOD on-demand and other value-added services, also bring a joyful experience to the hotel.

System Summary.

System adopt cloud computing architecture, the cloud system can manage and control the terminal equipment with online software upgrades, film real-time updates, hotel information update, instant messaging notification, consumption query, advertising push, etc.It covers culture,transportation,leisure,entertainment and shopping city depth information,making the guest know surrounding information and local life.Intuitive, exquisite hotel services, gave the guest the aesthetic feeling. Powerful and block sort authority Web background management system has the billing, front desk service, statistical reports, and other functions. Provide complete system interface, achieve the quickly integrate with hotel PMS system.

Hotel Television System

Hotel interior IPTV

Hotel analog TV


DVB digital television (satellite or terrestrial television)

Hotel VOD System


Support HD movies

Support more than 10 thousand films

Optional film charge control

Customer classification and sources of free management

Hotel television portal system

Boot Greeting

Hotel Introduction

Hotel News notice

Hotel Service Introduction

Hotel other information

Hotel information release system

Surrounding businesses (hotel can be charged release)

Tourist attractions

Any other Item

World Clock

Display different clock times for the biggest cities around the world.

Flight/Taxi Info

Room Service

The promotion of available in-room services, such as refilling the room bar, laundry services, meals or drink deliveries or any other similar service that can be performed in-room or to ensure a comfortable stay. Services are not just promoted using this Android TV Box service, it also supports immediate orders.

With this Android TV Box system guest can request any item of your Room Service Menu simply interacting with their TV in a very easy way. Items can be shown with images, even with video, if you wish.You also may allow your clients use their wireless devices (cell phones, tablets ...) to do their orders or even talking to their TV because our tv box solution comes with full voice recognition support!

Room Service include :

Customers can also do any reserve of hotel services at the moment, just for example, Morning call, Room Clean, Food and Drink Order ,Golf, Tennis, Spa ... System will check by availability, managing the request and sending an answer immediately. Such as the Foods and Drinks menu that will give you some recommendation about the popular foods

What is more you can add more service icon into this Android TV Box system ,such as Laundry Service.

Customers may request laundry services in an easy way. Laundry managers receive their request at the moment.

Check out

In the end ,guests can use express checkout. Using this function, invoices should already waiting for the guest at the reception desk.

Advertising-Digital Signage

Make available visually appealing information and contents, awesome animations including videos, music, speech,

 for any zone of your Hotel. Use our powerful platform to publish any add related with your Hotel Services 

or with services of your partners.Do internal advertising, even publishing third party advertisements. 

Program your ads where and when you wish.

With this Android TV Box system in your Hotel,that can delight your guests with an interactive TV experience and thus the guests leave happy,room service profits have increased considerably.It is a very user friendly sytem that can adapted to the individual needs of your hotel clients

So if you're looking for a low cost, high quality information system for your hotel, or a way to promote hotel products, services or facilities that generate additional revenue, then Android TV Box will be your best choose !