IPTV Solution Android Smart TV Box

Smart TV Box Application for IPTV

Smart TV Box is the latest innovation in home entertainment,Just plug into your existing TV,connected to WiFi and then give a complete world of entertainment by streaming straight to your television,You can watch full HD or 3D Movies whenever you like, watch hundreds of live TV channels from all over the worlds.

Android TV Box IPTV system can bring you a robus & interactive IPTV solution that support full HD TV,VOD and other services ,enabling you to provide the cutting edge entertainment services to your valued customers. The TV interface would be transformed ,The primary requirements for a IPTV system are interactive customer entertainment.

Live Program PVR

Sometimes they find some program is interesting and want to record it down for their family or friends.In traditional way, a VCR is needed and after several steps can they replay what they recorded.But now ,with PVR function,our Android IPTV Box allow users to record any program they like on TV and play it back any time they need. So now never miss your favorite TV show anymore ,with Android TV Box IPTV Live PVR feature.

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Pause Live TV

Watching live program is not a big deal,even the oldest black and white TVs can do this ,people have to hold and wait for advertising time to take a short break even though you are crying for the call of nature,our boxes helps you avoid this embarrassing situation,you can pause live program without missing any portion and continue to play the program when you are back.

You need to have a storage media like USB hard drive or a micro SD card connected with the TV box to achieve this feature.

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Live program time shift

Are you a football fan or basketball fan? If so,you must have the time difference, becasure some important matches are telecast in the midnight or while you are not available,You missed it and have to depend internet which provides low quality videos,Right now ,you do not be frustrated ! Technology has changed ,our boxes allows you to watch any time-shifted live program.

With our Android Box IPTV solution that you never have to worry about missing any live program you wish.

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Video on Demand

More or less people could find out that sometimes they fed up with programs in limited TV channel,because those programs are not their favorite,They need more interactivity,Our solution fills the gas by offering interactive program for people.It can enlarge people’s infobahn within deployment in hospital ,hotel,airport,and even in their residential community.

People can browse video/audio content and play their favorite ones ,so that they would not be bored as those days without VOD service.

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Personal Music and Video

Have you even dream owning a personal theater with low budget? Now you have the channel to make it real.

You will need a big monitor-of course stereo speakers and our Android TV Box as player,it allow users to play local music files in a USB storage.That is it ,now you can turn your home theater a big WOW !

Spare some time for you and your family or friends to enjoy high quality movies at home ,you will find this experience is exceptional !

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Support Online Video

YouTube is the most famous on-line video platform and pop among people all over the world, and you can find virtually anything on it in order to videos ,you can now watch you YouTube on-line videos on TV ,you do not need to power up your computer any more to enjoy online video on big screen ,You can even log in to YouTube with your credentials via our Android TV boxes.

You can even turns your TV to your online access point ,you can browse internet,check your email,chat with friends and an ocea of apps from Google play store to play with.

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