Smart TV Box for Hospital IPTV Solution

Android TV Box for Hospital Solution

Smart TV Box is the latest innovation in home entertainment,Just plug into your existing TV, connected to WiFi and then give a complete world of entertainment by streaming straight to your television,You can watch full HD or 3D Movies whenever you like, watch hundreds of live TV channels from all over the worlds.

More and more hospital are recognising the benefit of Android TV Box in order to improve the patient experience and help to meet government guideline.So Android TV Box are widely used in Hospital and with Android TV Box ,you can transform your healthcare facility’s television into a patient entertainment,education and communication solution to enpower and satisfied your patient and their family members.

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The benefit of using Android TV Box in Hospital

1.Empowers and satisfies patients and their family members through access to prescribed patient education videos and tutorials.

2.Enhances staff communication and efficiency through access to online satisfaction surveys, discharge instructions, and information on facility services.

3.Offers added entertainment, movies, Apps, and internet access.

4.Plus the built-in USB drive allows patients to enjoy their own music, movies, photos and more!


Android TV Box is based on Android operating system Android 4.4 or Android 5.1 ,is designed to satisfied patient with easy access to entertainment. It have 8-16G total storage and allows facility staff to install approved apps for patients, family members and staff. Also allow patients to download some apps or media files.

Web access or the built in media player software providers facilities with the capability to provide required patient education or added entertainment options to reduce patient boredom !Streaming information and education ease staff workloads and increase patient satisfaction. With this Android TV Box ,patient can watch movies ,surfing the internet ,playing game and enjoy radio.

It also have the on-screen box guide and step by step user instruction ensure easy of operation, high patient satisfaction.Health automates and simplifies the delivery of distraction tools such as movies, games, relaxation therapies, spiritual content, white noise and more. These tools help distract the patient from pains and anxieties.

For example,Such as BBC News24/Sky News in waiting areas.

For some kids, you can download some top best apps for Kids and relieve kid’s fear about the hospital.

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Study after study confirm that better health literacy leads to better health. Android TV Box can educates and empower patients to take a more active role in their health.

Health-literate patients get sick less ,and use treatment more effectively ,That leads to big savings for them and states. The patient channel can delivered directly to patient rooms and waiting area ,providing viewers with original ,award-winning programs .The channel features various health topics ,representing important wellness and recovery information in an accessible and empowering way.Empowering patients through education on their condition and medications, and providing them with communication tools, allows them to take on more responsibility in their care and recovery. This is accomplished by educating patients prior to admittance, during their stay, and after discharge for better guidance through their recovery stages.

The patient education video include doctors,patients and healthcare institutions from all over the country,covering a wide range of medical conditions for viewers.

Patient Edcation such as campaigns to stop smoking, eat 5 portions of fruit a day etc.


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Utilising a bedside device that also provides entertainment services to patients ties in to the concept of patient-centred care, and combining access to additional services at the point of care with a familiar and ever-present device increases the interaction that can be achieved and promotes patient involvement and engagement.

After engaging with the entertainment offering delivered by the bedside terminal, patients are naturally inclined to engage further through additional services that support their health and experiences whilst in hospital.

Patient education can be delivered directly at the bedside, giving patients closer involvement with their care while ensuring they are informed about their condition.

Electronic Meal Ordering provides a direct service interaction, allowing patients to order their meals from the bedside terminal and manage their nutritional needs more effectively.

Real Time Patient Feedback gives patients the opportunity to utilise their engagement with the system to provide valuable information on their experience, in real-time.

Now ,it is trend that more and more hospital choose and benefit from Android TV box.

For education ,entertainment and connectivity to make a healthcare facility more like home,and enable a patient to better understand their condition ,their treatment and the steps to wellness, These understandings increase the likehood of an improved health outcome.