Term and Condition

Terms and Conditions

In order to use The WellGlobal Box properly it is necessary to have a consistent internet connection of at least 2 meg. This will enable you to access all the content in standard definition format. In order to avail of the super technology of WellGlobal TV Box and access all the content in High Definition with Dolby Sound you will need a consistent internet connection of at least 3-5 meg (particularly relative to streaming live sports). Generally internet speed varies throughout the day and what you can view in the early part of the day may not be available to you in the evening when usage of the internet comes under numerical pressure. Most of the movie apps. allow you to choose between standard definition and high definition so if you think that you may have an internet speed problem then choose a film in SD rather than in HD.

Because of the way some third party content providers actually upload their content to the system there can be a variation between the amount of bandwidth needed to stream something.

Because of its high tech capability this box can access a multiplicity of television channels in all corners of the globe.

WellGlobal Electronics Co.,Ltd. supply the hardware only. As all of the apps, programmes, add-ons, films, tv shows and sports which may be streamed by the box are provided by third parties we have no control over the viewable content and therefore can accept no responsibility for the content therein.

As hardware suppliers ,WellGlobal Electronics Co.,Ltd take no responsibility for any particular content which the end user chooses to access.

It will be up to the end user to take all necessary steps to prevent unseemly material from being accessed from the internet through the box. Once WellGlobal Electronics Co.,Ltd. has supplied the box to the end user we have no control over what content is streamed thereafter by the end user or members of his/her family or his/her acquaintances.

There are various protective programmes available to the Public on the internet which can be used in conjunction with the TV Box to restrict what can be streamed from the internet but as we are at pains to point out, the onus for providing and monitoring this type of software is on the end user.

As WellGlobal Electronics Co.,Ltd.has no control over the consistency of supply of third party content we therefore cannot accept responsibility for loss of continuity of any film or tv programme or bad or unreliable tv pictures. We will not accept liability for any alleged damages suffered by the end user due to the non availability of specific content access via this box.

Our 12 month guarantee relates to the hardware only and not to the software.

There are a number of subscription sports channels who offer high definition access to various sporting events. It is entirely up to the end user to avail of these services if he/she so requires. As The WellGlobal TV Box Ltd. are not a party to any such agreement we therefore cannot accept responsibility for any failure to deliver the required and/or agreed service.

Although apps. such as Skype can be accessed through our box we accept no responsibility for the availability of a Skype service on a continuing basis as we do not support Skype or other voice over internet protocols.

Due to the fact that we are dependent on third party content providers we cannot guarantee a continuous and “always on “ service. From time to time a specific app may be taken down by its provider either on a short term basis for maintenance or a long term basis for upgrade or possibly total cancellation. As previously stated all content is provided by third parties so therefore The WellGlobal Electronics Co.,Ltd. has no control over the actions of these third party content providers who may take down their content at any time either on a temporary basis or for good.
The WellGlobal Electronics Co.,Ltd. reserves the right at any time to change, remove or substitute without notice any specific content and we reserve the right to vary the product price at any time.

Any dispute resolution procedure will be in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China